Our history and heritage stories are often intangible and out-of-sight, yet are directly related to places we live in and visit regularly. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool to help citizen connect with their heritage.

Instead of viewing photos from afar, with Augmented Reality users can investigate heritage sites at true scale and in their original location, making comparisons with the modern day more meaningful. In addition to viewing, users can interact with places and  characters to demonstrate the importance of these places, their uses and impact on modern Auckland.

GeoARGames will develop an innovative Augmented Reality app that brings Auckland’s heritage to life. We already bring virtual worlds to life in Auckland Council public spaces with our Magical Parks app, so are perfectly positioned to champion Auckland’s heritage.

This project combines Augmented Reality (AR), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Phototelemetry scanning technologies and optimises them to make heritage content interactively accessible on mobiles.

We are revolutionizing the way we see technology ... literally! Geo AR Games is leading the charge in Geospatial Augmented Reality, an innovative new concept that combines the great outdoors with mobile gaming. View architectural wonders, play captivating motion games, travel through the solar system and beyond – all in a local park using your smart phone or tablet.
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