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I tried to play but the app is unavailable at this time and it's past 6pm on Sunday 11th December.  Will it be reactivated?

At this stage, there are no plans to reactivate the app. 

My Screen is really hard to see

When you are playing outside, you need to turn up the screen brightness to max!  The sun is A LOT brighter than lights inside, and so the screen also needs to be bright so you can see it. 

I'm on Lambton Quay but the app says Location Too Far Away?

Sometimes it can take us a little while to pinpoint your location.  Don't worry, we will get there!  In the meantime, enjoy the festival and try again soon.  If it's still not working in a couple of minutes, try opening an app like google maps.  This helps your device get its location information updated and may just do the trick.

I can't scan the decals!

If you have trouble scanning the decals successfully, try scanning them slowly from left to right, or top to bottom.  Sometimes, picking up the image bit-by-bit aids the image recognition software.

What's all the stuff flying around?

The Welly Wind has swept up Christmas and brought it all the way from the North Pole!  Watch out for the Yeti.... He's been caught too!

Do I need additional hardware like VR glasses?

Nope!  All you need is your smartphone or tablet with the app installed.

The app is asking me to accept permissions but I refused

You must accept the permissions for the app to work.  The app requires three permissions:

  1. Access to your GPS location, so we can move you through the AR world on Lambton Quay.

  2. Access to your camera, so we can show the real world using your video camera, and so we can allow you to take awesome photos of what you see!

  3. Access to storage, so we can save those photos into your photo gallery.


If you refused any of these permissions, you will need to go to your phone settings and allow the app access.  If you are unsure how to do this, you can uninstall and re-download the app, this time accepting all the permissions when you install!

What is this game and what does it do?

Mixed Reality Motion Gaming!  Try saying that three times...


Our games are a combination of immersive digital worlds, and real-world movement.  By using GPS, we put a digital world around the user which they can explore using their smart phone or tablet as a "window".  As they point the device up, down, around in a 360, they can see the digital world all around them.  By moving forwards, backwards and sideways through the real world, they can explore the terrain of the digital world.  We do this by taking the GPS coordinates of the user's position and translate this into movement through a digital world.

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