We are revolutionizing the way we see technology ... literally! Geo AR Games is leading the charge in Geospatial Augmented Reality, an innovative new concept that combines the great outdoors with mobile gaming. View architectural wonders, play captivating motion games, travel through the solar system and beyond – all in a local park using your smart phone or tablet.
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We love the outdoors and the magic we bring to parks. But did you know we can also develop activity games for indoor areas? 

An i

One of our specialties is educational games also known as serious gaming. We have worked with Civil Defence to get kids ready for natural disasters and helped kids with disabilities have more fun learning Maths. 

Sometimes we develop corporate games for brands to add some extra fun to their products and get their customers to stay longer engaged with their products. Just contact us and we will start brainstorming some ideas with you. 

Theme Park Design

We work a lot with China where families LOVE going to Theme Parks. Does that surprise you? Magical Park is in the end nothing else but a virtual theme park in an outdoor location! 

A Counting Game for

Cerebral Palsy students

A project funded by MBIE to support the Curious Minds project. In collaboration with the University of Auckland. 

The Wizard World of Numbers has been designed as a prototype game for students aged 6+, who are impacted by Cerebral Palsy, to learn to count from 1 to 10. Of course this game can be played by any student who would like to learn to count and loves wizards, magical potions and spells as much as we do! 

The game can be used as a teacher aid in Cerebral Palsy specialist schools or at home with assistance of family or caregivers. The Wizard World of Numbers is an Augmented Reality game that requires a set of printed number cards (Please find the print files on our website https://www.dee.auckland.ac.nz/wizard-world-of-numbers/), which when held up in front of a mobile device will start to teach the student about each number. 

Each number is taught as part of a story that takes the student on a journey to become a number wizard. Each number is treated a spell and the wizard apprentice is being taken on a magical story that requires counting and measuring potion ingredients or finding a number of doors or keys in order to face the final number spell test for each learned number. In order to pass the test, the student is asked to hold up the empty Magic Card which will ask the student to recognise the learned numbers in order to win their reward and become a fully fledged number wizard.

Proudly sponsored by


Geo AR Games have been asked by the Wellington City Council to create an augmented reality wonderland for the Very Welly Christmas festival on Lambton Quay in Wellington 10-11th of Dec 2016. The app will activate at 11am on Saturday 10 December.


We had so much fun creating a winter wonderland in the middle of windy Wellington and have filled it up with lot's of augmented reality surprises for you. 

Click here for more information on A Very Welly Christmas Festival 10-11th of Dec 2016

Santa's reindeers are exercising along Lambton Quay!

It's a windy day in Wellington and the weather has suddenly changed and it's snowing sideways! 

Have you spotted the reindeer sleigh in the sky?


While Santa is busy meeting families in Wellington, his reindeer are exercising with the sleigh!


They are racing up and down Lambton Quay in the sky. So look out for them. But oh dear! I think they are loosing presents from the back of the sleigh. 


To play the puzzle game, you need to find the green "A Very Welly Christmas" window decals in the shop window and scan them with the app. All you need to do is centre the green logo (See image on the right) on your screen and it will scan it and reward you with an image puzzle piece. But in order to get all puzzle pieces, you need to walk down Lambton Quay and scan the window decals in the different zones. 

You can do as many puzzle as you like. There are plenty of images to collect puzzle pieces for! 

The dancing snowmen

At two locations on Lambton Quay, the frosty trio are waiting to entertain you!  To see them dance, you need to click the snowman button which will appear on the top right of your screen when you are close enough. They will show you a jolly good time! 

Take photos

Snap those moments with reindeer in the sky or with one of the snowmen. Capture your special moments and share them on social media with #WellyXmas