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We help local governments utilize digital games to educate and entertain in public spaces. 

Below are some examples of our work that are focused on educational Augmented Reality solutions. However, sometimes AR is not the right technology for the problem.
Sometimes it makes more sense to just develop a basic web game to give the wider demographic access as well. Our team will always give you an honest opinion if the technology you are looking at is the best solution possible and suit your budget. Just talk to us and we will help. 

The Wizard World of Numbers

MBIE funded a Maths game for students who are severely affected by Cerebral Palsy. In conjunction with the University of Auckland, we developed a gamified educational tool for students who's visibility is impaired, can't use their hands and who traditional learning tools don't work for. 

What's the Plan Stan

This civil defense management game teaches kids what they can do to keep their families prepared for emergency scenarios. The levels include storm, flood, earthquakes, volcano, and zombies for good measure! 

The game was developed with Auckland Civil Defence, the Ministry of Civil Defence (NEMA) and the NZ Earthquake Commission. 

Aotea Stories

Every year we are losing more heritage buildings to make room for more modern offices, shopping malls and apartment blocks. The NZ Film Commission funded the prototype "Aotea Stories" which is the beginning of a platform game that will allow cities to tell their history in a fun, engaging and cost effective way. Assassins Creed meets Pokemon Go! 

Indoor Magical Park 

We have been asked to develop something kids can play indoors in a small space. Here is one of our prototypes which we can customize to fit your story or brand. This game can be played in spaces of 20m x 20m and even smaller than that. It does require a small piece of hardware to be installed but is otherwise really easy to set up. 


The Smart Canning App is linked to the Wharf Street Basin in the City of Canning in Australia. The App is linked to Augmented Reality frames around a wetland that teach the visitors about environmental science. The App uses the data from the micro-climate and water quality sensors and puts them into context for players. Interactive wetland AR games help the user understand why it is important to care about your water quality. Best of all though, this fun AR game works on almost all devices! A great reason to visit the Wharf Street Basin and go for a walk with the family! 

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