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What do we do?

Geo AR Games specialises in Augmented Reality mobile outdoor games and experiences. The difference to other technology is that the player is able to walk around in a Mixed Reality world as if it was real and interact with what the player sees based on the player’s physical distance to the game content. Geo AR Games allows the player to explore both virtual and real worlds by creating a Mixed Reality experience, which is fully interactive and so the players can interact with characters they meet and walk and explore through the world. 

GEO AR Games | Children sit for about 8 hours


We want kids to create healthy realtionships with technology

Geo AR Games was founded to keep children healthy through outdoor exercise. While the company was founded in Sept 2015, Melanie Langlotz, one of the 2 founders, had researched the subject since 2011. 

Kids these days are no longer interested in TV and they consume entertainment differently. The digital stimulation they get from mobile games and You Tube makes playing outdoors for a lot of kids +8 years old boring. Not every parent has got the patience after a long day of work to put a fight over screen time. Geo AR Games make it easy for parents to get kids active outside and without a fight. 

On average kids these days sit for 8,5 hours per day and only play 1 hour outside. 

We think mobile outdoor gaming can change that and combine the best of both worlds. 

Our Technology

We use smartphones and tablets in combination with GPS based Augmented Reality to create immersive physical gaming experiences. 

We use sensor fusion to locate the player in the Mixed Reality world. The device sensors we use are a GPS, Compass, Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Our games use a minimal ampount of data to activate our safety features. 

Our games are designed to be played in outdoor parks. We can restrict them to selected parks, or we can make the games available in any park worldwide.. In fact the bigger the playing area, the more kids get to run around. 

GEO AR Games uses Smartphones & tablets



GEO AR Games GPS Based Augmented reality






Brand Engagement

Keeping kids engaged is a big problem for entertainment brands. Kids these days are consuming entertainment differently, and instead of spending hours in front of a TV, they are on the internet or playing mobile games. Many of these kids brands have tried to break into the mobile gaming market.

We can offer brands a richer, more engaging experience for their audience and are currently building relationships with kids brands to partner with. Compared to other apps, our game experience is deeper and more fulfilling. If you’ve just spent half an hour playing with fairies in a park you’re going to want to tell somebody about it.

A key success factor for creative products is originality and novelty, and we've got it.  We ran a successful Kickstarter and our game Sharks in the Park was ranked number 1 on the App Store for NZ kids games.  

Geo AR Games has also been selected as finalists for the Innovation hero awards in the innovation excellence in research category and we are an established government vendor working with NZ city councils.


#1 in New Zealand 
App Store





We have a unique go to market strategy for our mini games. Our 2nd product Magical Park is the world’s 1st digital Playground which we are selling to City Councils.


Councils can subscribe to our digital playgrounds for a low annual fee per park, per year.

Why are Councils interested in Digital Playgrounds? Because City councils want to bring families back to urban parks and every time Magical Park gets downloaded, a family will visit one of the cities selected Magical Parks. Tech minded families don't tend to visit city parks as often anymore and once they are there, they use other park recreation activities such as going for a bike ride, feeding the ducks or climbing a tree. 

It all starts with getting kids outside without a fight through mobile games. Once they have played our games for a little while, they reconnect with other outdoor activities and this is where we feel they are building healthy relationships with technology. 

The World's 1st

Digital Playground 

for Kids 6-11

What kids thought of our first prototype playing with dinosaurs


Melanie Langlotz | GEO AR Games
Melanie Langlotz
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CEO/Marketing & Media

Amie Wolken | GEO AR Games
Amie Wolken
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CTO | Developer

Our Team

To get this technology to work outdoors is not easy and there are some technical barriers to entry that make it difficult for competitors. Amie and Melanie have now been working together with Geo-spatial Augmented Reality for 4 years and together they founded Geo AR Games.  


Amie is the CTO, she has qualifications in Law and Computer Science and has served as a Director at a previous Augmented Reality startup which is where Melanie and Amie met.

Melanie is the CEO and she has worked in the film and television industry for 20 years, including 8 years senior management. She also holds a degree in business enterprise and she developed the concept for Geo AR Games in 2011.



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