Magical Park turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land. We offer a subscription service to councils who want to attract more tech minded families to parks and get those kids to exercise. Because the council pays for Magical park, it is FREE for the public!
NZ Recreation  & Parks & Leisure Australia to push for a AssociationGeo AR Games is proud to announce that we have partnered with the global . Please support us and if there is no Magical Park in your area, talk to your local council or contact one of our partners with your roll outfavourite park location. They will do their best to find a sponsor for a Magical Park in your area. 



Councils are looking towards technology to provide a solution to bring young families and technology-loving kids back to parks. A standard traditional playground is aimed at 3-7-year-old children. MAGICAL PARK is aimed at ages 6-11 with the vision to get kids moving outdoors in a safe environment. We fill a gap in the recreation space with a focus on child safety and mixed reality worlds that spark their imagination. 


We have tested with over 500 kids and they told us that they would not only prefer to play mobile games outside, but they also LOVE that they get to run around and play. 


We take safety very serious which is why MAGICAL PARK is a geofenced game. The application won't open outside the designated parks which are chosen very carefully. 


Mum and Dad get a break and can watch the kids run around having fun. On average kids play our games for 30 min while running around in the park. But furthermore, all of a sudden tech-minded kids ask to go to the park to play!


We want kids to create healthy relationships with technology. 


your Council subscribes to Magical park

so your family gets to play for FREE

Magical Park -

The World's first

Digital Playground

For more information how to subscribe to Magical Park, please 



If you try to play this game OUTSIDE the designated MAGICAL PARKS, you will receive a message saying that you cannot play. This is because the GPS on your device is telling us that you are outside the MAGICAL PARK locations.


The game should tell you the location of your nearest MAGICAL PARK.


You will need to go there to play.


If you believe that you ARE in a Magical Park, please try again after 2 minutes.  Devices may vary in the time they need to get an accurate GPS position.  It can take some devices up to 10 minutes for the GPS to warm up (especially if it hasn't been used in a long time.) 

We are revolutionizing the way we see technology ... literally! Geo AR Games is leading the charge in Geospatial Augmented Reality, an innovative new concept that combines the great outdoors with mobile gaming. View architectural wonders, play captivating motion games, travel through the solar system and beyond – all in a local park using your smart phone or tablet.
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