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We have a new game!

Ocean Rescue teaches players to keep the ocean tidy

For Parks Week 2019 we have developed an exciting new augmented reality game with an environmental twist – EverGreen. 
Turning recycling and rubbish collection into a fun and exciting game for kids rewards them for being responsible for their environment.
Ever Green encourages kids and families to get out and explore their local parks whilst learning the fundamentals of recycling.



Magical Park - Coming to a park near you!

Magical Park - Coming to a park near you!

Magical Park -

The World's first

Digital Playground

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MAGICAL PARK turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land. We offer a subscription service to councils who want to attract more tech minded families to parks and get those kids to exercise. Because the council pays for MAGICAL PARK, it is FREE for the public!
Geo AR Games has partnered with the NZ Recreation Association and Parks & Leisure Australia.
If there is no MAGICAL PARK in your area, talk to your local council or contact one of our partners with your favourite park location. They will do their best to find a sponsor for a Magical Park in your area. 
Magical Park | GeoARGames



Councils are looking towards technology to provide a solution to bring young families and technology-loving kids back to parks. A standard traditional playground is aimed at 3-7-year-old children. MAGICAL PARK is aimed at ages 6-11 with the vision to get kids moving outdoors in a safe environment. We fill a gap in the recreation space with a focus on child safety and mixed reality worlds that spark their imagination. 


We have tested with over 500 kids and they told us that they would not only prefer to play mobile games outside, but they also LOVE that they get to run around and play. 


We take safety very serious which is why MAGICAL PARK is a geofenced game. The application won't open outside the designated parks which are chosen very carefully. ​


"We want kids to create healthy relationships with technology." 



MAGICAL PARK is a Mixed Reality game, which is a brand new game technology. It is FREE to play, because either a council or a corporate sponsor has paid for MAGICAL PARK to be available in your community.

MAGICAL PARK consists of multiple game worlds so kids won't get bored and we are updating the content on a regular basis. In that way kids have a reason to ask their parents to go back to the park for more outdoor playtime. 


Our games are motion games.  This means that you have to MOVE more than just your fingers to play them.  You will need to actually walk or run around.  The faster you move in real life, the faster you move through the game!


You need to move to play all our games.  Every one of them requires you to get physically close to something before you can complete all the achievements.


Our games are designed to be played outside!  MAGICAL PARK games are always located in flat open parks, which are ideally about 70x70m big.  A sports field is ideal.

So if you want to nominate a park to have MAGICAL PARK set up in, keep those criteria in mind. 


Our Mixed Reality Motion Games are playable on iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets.  

Minimum Operating System requirements:
  • iOS: 6.0 and above

  • Android: 4.0 ‘ice cream sandwich’ and above

Mixed Reality requires us to use some special hardware components, found in many mobile smartphones and tablets. 

These include:
  • GPS

  • Compass

  • Accelerometer

  • Gyroscope

However, some components might be missing from some smartphones and tablets.  If your device is missing one of these components, you won't be able to download the app and a message will pop up saying your device is not compatible. 

We need those sensors to position the player in the game world and unfortunately new technology tends to require newer devices.

If you are not sure if your device has these sensors, here is a way to find out: 

You need to know the make and model of your device, i.e. Make Apple iPhone, model 5 (iPhone 5). 

Go to and search for your device by typing the make and model into the search field in the top right of the website. Once you have found your device on the list and are looking at the specifications page, scroll down and look for the item "Features" written in red on the left side. Under "features" you should see listed: Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass. If one of them are missing, your device will unfortunately not be compatible. 

Apple iOS devices:

iPods and IPad Mini's which are Wifi only won't work, because they are missing the GPS. iPhone 4 or IPad 2 don't have the performance to display the graphics and will crash unfortunately.  



Oh no! The robots have lost their heads and some of their limbs. Can you help find their parts and put them back together? Some of them squeak and need a bit of oil it seems. See what you can do and help those robots get back on their feet! 


Help the keep the park clean and rescue the trees!

Someone has littered in the park and now there are glass bottles and pizza boxes, apple cores and other rubbish all spread all over the park. As a result, the magical trees are really sick. Pick up the rubbish and take it to the right tree to be recycled to bring some magic back to the forrest. 


The aliens have finally found their way to earth. But the horrible Munching Monster has caught all the poor little Blinkers, another very innocent alien species. He is going to eat them all if you don't help! You need to run up to every cage, tap it and free them. They will be very grateful creatures!


Augmentia is a Fantasy Land filled with fairies and kittens and dragons.  

If you get close to the kittens, they will start to follow you - soon you will have a pack of tiny kittens running after you through the game. But be aware of the bad fairy... or she might come and take your kittens away!


When you have all the kittens following you, the final creature will appear - A GIANT white kitten!


Prehistoria is a land from the past, filled with Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl.  BEWARE of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who might chase you!  


A naughty Raptor is on the lose and it is stealing dinosaur eggs and takes them back to its cave. Try and take the eggs back to the nest where they belong before the Raptor gets them all!


Pumpkins can be full of surprises as you will find out when you collect them around the grave yard. On your way you may want to free the wicked witch and find our trapped monsters! 

You need to find all pumpkin gold coins before you can join our special Halloween party!


A mean Yeti has come and trapped Santa's reindeer in a snowy ice world. It's your mission to free the reindeer and show them the way to Santa's sleigh, so he can get ready for Christmas. 

But as if that wasn't enough, someone has destroyed the snowman. Can you help and fix them? 

And then there is the naughty elf who has made a mess and thrown all those presents around the place. Santa is looking for someone to help. Can you tidy up the place and find all the presents? 

This Christmas special will be part of Magical Park from the 1st of Dec until the 2nd week of Jan. The game has got 3 levels and will take around 15- 30min to play. 

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