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WORLD Parks Week 2021 is here!

24th Apr-2nd of May 2021

Magical Park subscription SPECIAL

1 month US$ 500 Per Park+FREE set up

3 Months US$ 999 Per Park+FREE set up

1 Year US$ 2,500 Per Park+FREE set up

*Offer valid until 31st May 2021

IN Partnership with
Join us and get a taste of digital playgrounds. 

  • FREE Demo Park

  • No hard installation

  • Easy, fast and remote setup

  • Promotes exercise and environmental education. 

  • Affordable solution to support community events, the digital transformation of parks and community well-being. 

  • Your community gets access to 7 games in a park of your choice. 


For Global Parks Week 2021 we have a few environmental games on offer together with all our other fun games!  

Evergreen - Turning recycling and rubbish collection into a fun and exciting game for kids and it rewards them for being responsible for their environment.

Ocean Rescue - Cleaning up the Ocean has never been so much fun and it's 2 games in 1! Players have to bring the Coral Reef back to life and free underwater animals trapped in rubbish before the evil mermaid turns them into jellyfish!

Explore Australia (NEW!) - Our player is on the look out for Australian animals while learning interesting facts about the cute and dangerous! 

All of our Magical Park games encourage kids and families to get out and explore their local parks whilst getting exercise playing educational games. 

Play Evergreen and keep our parks tidy

We have developed a new game for Parks Week  which is called "Evergreen" and it teaches kids how to recycle rubbish by feeding different types of waste to the right tree. There is a lot of activity involved and as the kids pick up the virtual rubbish, the park gets greener and greener. 

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7 games will be available during World parks Week


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