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2 months free license

Schools can sign up for Magical Park for a 2 months FREE license as long as the MAGICAL PARK is within the school ground and we get feedback from the teachers and students. It is a great opportunity to learn about new technology and your feedback helps your council to decide whether a digital playground is the right addition for your community recreation..


Installation of a Magical Park only takes 15 min once we have the GPS coordinates where the park will be set up. 


“Magical Park opens up a whole new dimension for children linking the engaging world of devices and the great outdoors. It allows for the creative use of devices and mathematical concepts while maintaining physical activity. It can strengthen the tuakana teina relationship when older students work with young students in the pursuit of the quest and the language used as children race around outdoors seeking between to complete the task. All age groups can use this application in a school setting teachers just need to be creative in the how.”

— Brian Eales, Principal from the Clive Primary School in New Zealand

Sign up your school for Magical Park

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