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In March 2017 Magical Park expanded from New Zealand into Australia and we are about to go global and bring the magic to other parks around the world. 

If you are a council or possible sponsor and you would like to be part of the Magical Park community, you can contact us via the form further below on this page. 

Magical Park is very affordable and as a council, school or sponsor, you can subscribe to a pop-up park which only runs for a week or over the school holidays or you can sign up for a permanent park which is always there for your community to enjoy. You may want to shift your park around the community every few months as well.  

What ever your budget, we are sure we can bring some magic to your park!

Register your Magical Park!

For more information how to subscribe to Magical Park, please contact one of our partners: 
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Nominate a Park for a Magical Park


From Tui, West Auckland, New Zealand

"My girls and my niece just really loved it. Now every time we drive past Habourside View in Te Atatu Peninsula they know it as the Magical Park. They thoroughly enjoyed it and for me personally i just enjoyed watching them run from one side to the other being chased by dinosaurs or trying to get kittens and getting eggs. I think its good because they are actually outside getting fresh air and being active so I loved that and they just loved that they have a game like this because I don't there is any other like it for their age so kudos to you guys for that."

From Donna, East Auckland, New Zealand

"Just wanted to let you that I took my family to the park in Glendowie to play the reality game when you first released it last year and loved it.


Once my kids got the hang of the game to collect the dinosaur eggs and then to the kittens they were off. We had to run to keep up with them. As a family we made it into a competition to see which group could collect the Dinosaur eggs then the kittens first. 


Fantastic way to get the kids out and about. They were exercising without even knowing it. Such fun, can't wait for the new levels to come out. 


Keep up the awesome work.


Donna and family"

From Kara, Bristol, England

"Just wanted to let you know that Piper really enjoyed playing Magical Park and we managed to load it up very easily. It's very clever.  She liked both of them but her favourite game was the dinosaurs and she kept telling me to duck as I was being stood on by a T-Rex."

Survey Testimonials from player families

Me, my partner and my kids went to the park to try out this new app and I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to have as much fun as we did chasing these creatures around and being in "their" world was really fun and a unique experience. My kids liked chasing all he kittens around and hiding from the dinosaurs I would easily tell other parents about this app as it gets the whole family out and is great for a simple day out finding new creatures. Great job guys looking forward to what new innovations are on the horizon!


Kids had great time with magical park collecting eggs, finding things and checking out dinosaurs. Great fun for all the family. Liked how you could limit to one game that didn't take too long so everyone got a turn. Exploring and no shooting ... good array of games to suit different ages in the family. And NZ made too! Awesome


I love this game just as much as my daughters!! Especially because I get to watch them enjoy being outdoors and using up the park, running to the left and the right catching kittens or finding eggs and running around from dinosaurs and unicorns. They don't actually realize how much running around they have done but that's what makes it even more brilliant!! I love how simple and easy to grasp and understand the game is and the graphics that the kids find absolutely amazing. I believe we need this at every park across NZ! Thank You


Loved playing this game with the grandchildren the dinosaurs looked amazing


Very cool app and fun for the whole family!


Has a lot of promise. Spent a fun hour or so running around the park trying to catch those last bloody cats!! will keep an eye on progress. looking forward to the future of this fun little AR experience.


Fantastic idea and my kids loved it. Would be great to see more of this and on a bigger scale ??


The kids enjoyed playing and taking screenshots. I enjoyed it because it got us out and about.


One of the coolest things our family has done for ages. It was great to do something totally different.


A great way for kids to use their phone- and get some exercise!


I feel confident when I let my child play this game because it allows her to explore the world safely.


Had a great time playing this at Frimley Park, my kids preferred running around chasing after kittens to playing on the playground.


At the time we tested it was limited only to a few parks in wellington, we have a park nearby our home but had to drive 20 mins to test it. This has meant we've only been able to try it a couple of times.

Magical Park is a fantastic game/adventure. Not only did I have fun my children did too! The games are very interactive, play well and are controllable for the children. I laughed so hard watching them wander around the open field collecting kittens... Thank you Magical Park


Fun outing for kids to the park to hunt for dinosaurs, the 6 year old picked it up really quickly & had a ball. Often asks to go hunting for dinosaurs now


An awesome way to bring a new world to life in familiar places.

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